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Pedro Alvares Cabral

Pedro Alvares Cabral

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Portuguese navigator, born in Belmonte, in 1467 or 1468, son of the chief mayor of that locality. At about 10 years old he went to court.

He married a niece of Afonso de Albuquerque. It is known that D. João II granted him a presence, although the reasons are ignored.

After Vasco da Gama's return from India in 1499, Pedro Álvares Cabral is appointed commander of a fleet of thirteen ships leaving in March 1500 for India. It follows the route indicated by Vasco da Gama, but when passing through Cape Verde, it undergoes a further southwest detour, reaching, on April 22, 1500, the Brazilian coast.

He sends a ship to Portugal with the news of the discovery and goes to India, arriving in Calicut on September 13, 1500. Several boats were lost, including the one of Bartolomeu Dias, which sank near the Cape of Good Hope, which he himself He had doubled for years for the first time. After fulfilling his mission in the East, Pedro Álvares Cabral returns in 1501 and will settle in his domain in the Santarém area, where he died in 1520.