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Gods of Egypt

Gods of Egypt

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Hater is, next to Isis, the most revered of the goddesses. Distributor of joy is the goddess of love, happiness, dance and music. She is also the protector of the Theban necropolis that emerges from the cliff to welcome the dead and veil the tombs. She is worshiped in the form of a cow-horned woman with sun disk on her head, just a cow-headed woman or simply a cow.


Son of Osiris and Isis, Horus has a difficult childhood, his mother must hide him from Seth who covets his father's throne. Having triumphed over Seth and the forces of disorder, he takes possession of the throne of the living; Pharaoh is his manifestation on earth.

He is represented as a hawk-headed man or as a hawk always wearing the two king crowns of Upper and Lower Egypt, holding in his right hand the ankh, symbol of life. As god of the sky, Horus is the hawk whose eyes are the sun and the moon.

Named "Horus of the Horizon", it takes on one of the sun's forms, which brightens the earth during the day. Creator of the universe and all kinds of lives, Horus was worshiped everywhere. He is the most important god of all the gods.

Ptah or Ftás

God of Memphis who was the capital of Egypt in the Old Empire, Ptah is "the one who made the gods fond and makes men" and "who created the arts". He conceived the world in thought and created it by his word.

Its great priest is called "the superior of the artisans". It is indeed highly revered by manual workers, particularly goldsmiths. It represents in a sticky garment that gives the impression of being without neck and wearing a cap on the head. His wife is the goddess Sekhmet and his son the water lily god Nefertum.